Image from Black Panther

Black Panther 12A

Image from Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed 18

Image from Early Man

Early Man PG

Image from Coco

Coco PG

Showing at the Cinema

Films from Friday 16th February for 1 week

  • 12A 134 mins

    moderate violence, injury detail, rude gesture

    Fri 16th 7.00pm
    Sat 17th 1.00pm 4.00pm 7.00pm
    Sun 18th 1.00pm 3.45pm
    Mon 19th 1.00pm 4.00pm 7.00pm
    Tue 20th 1.00pm 4.00pm 7.00pm
    Wed 21st 1.00pm 4.00pm 7.00pm
    Thu 22nd 1.00pm 4.00pm 7.00pm

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  • 18 105 mins

    strong sex

    Fri 16th 7.30pm
    Sat 17th 4.45pm 7.30pm
    Sun 18th 4.45pm
    Mon 19th 4.45pm 7.30pm
    Tue 20th 4.45pm 7.30pm
    Wed 21st 4.45pm 7.30pm
    Thu 22nd 4.45pm 7.30pm

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  • PG 89 mins

    infrequent mild bad language, threat

    Sat 17th 12.30pm
    Sun 18th 12.30pm
    Mon 19th 12.30pm
    Tue 20th 12.30pm
    Wed 21st 12.30pm
    Thu 22nd 12.30pm

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  • PG 105 mins

    mild threat, violence

    Sat 17th 2.30pm
    Sun 18th 2.30pm
    Mon 19th 2.30pm
    Tue 20th 2.30pm
    Wed 21st 2.30pm
    Thu 22nd 2.30pm

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Tel: 01543 574425

Ticket Prices :
Adult (15 years and over) £6
Child (14 years and under) £5
Student (with NUS card) £5
Senior Citizen £5

Family Ticket £20
(2 Adults and 2 Children OR 1 Adult and 3 Children)

(screen 1 only, seats 2 people price is per sofa not per person)
All of our films are shown in the traditional 2D format we do not show films in 3D at this present time

Opening Times :
The cinema opens its doors 15 minutes before the first film of the day


Customers using our car park (the gravel covered one at rear of building accessed via the one way street Hall Court Lane) will receive a refund on their parking up to a maximum of £2.10. The pay and display machine vends 2 tickets one to put in the car and a refund voucher to bring into the cinema.

Also remember that after 6pm daily and all day Sundays there is no need to buy a ticket.